Welcome to the Huron Pioneer Thresher & Hobby Association Inc.

About Us

Our History

To understand better what this show is today, we must appreciate from where it came. Harold Turner, from Goderich had a threshing machine and Hugh Chisholm from Sarnia had a steam engine. Both were interested in having a reunion or show of some kind. Stuart Muir of Paisley was approached, as well as, George Searson to get their involvement. The Horticultural Society of Goderich was also approached about a location without any success or interest.

They then came to Blyth to present their concept to Simon Hallahan who was quite interested and excited about the idea. A follow-up meeting was arranged at the home of Simon on May 28, 1962, which was the formal beginnings of the organization. Attending the meeting for the purposes of organizing a club of people (who were interested in steam engines and threshing machines) were Hugh Chisholm, Stuart Muir, John Scott (Formosa), Don Snell (Mitchell) and the Hallahan brothers (Blyth).

Over the years we have tried to add new exhibits, upgrade our facilities and encourage collectors to bring treasures and tell us their story.

We look forward to seeing you there.