Welcome to the Huron Pioneer Thresher & Hobby Association Inc.

Committee Chairs

Committee Chairperson
Advertising Trina McBride 519-263-3277 bt_mcbride@tcc.on.ca
Antique Flea Market Herman Mooy (226)523-1691 herman.marlene@gmail.com
Antique Stock Tractor Pull Henry Hendricks 519-529-7560 hhendriks@hurontel.on.ca
Antique Tractor Don Pattison 519-357-2817 dpattison@tcc.on.ca
Antique Vehicles Bill & Maxine Sears 519-440-0704
Camping John and Arlene Green 519-357-2762 evijo@hurontel.on.ca
Entertainment Coordinator
(Jamboree, Step Dancing, Fiddle Competition)

Gladys VanEgmond 519-482-7249

Annie Pritchard 519-528-2137

Exhibit Transportation Ray Hallahan 519-523-4798 ray_hallahan@hotmail.com
Food Coordinator Ruth-Ann Kirby 519-2744382 cats4_@hotmail.com
Gas Engines Brad McBride 519-263-3227 bt_mcbride@tcc.on.ca
Indoor Vendors Laura McDonald 519-450-8434 laura.sturgeon@gmail.com
Lawn and Garden Tractor Angie Couto 519-292-6744 acouto@montgomeryford.ca
Kid's Stock Garden Tractor Pull Edger Daer 519-523-9232
Life Styles Program Lorna Fraser
Membership Judy Sloan 519-507-2031 jsloan@wightman.ca
Outside Vendors & Produce Janny Fear 519-523-4474 jfear@tcc.on.ca
School Program Lorriane Hallahan 519-523-9265
Small Engines Jeff Searson 519-383-2543
Steam Engines Harley Searson/Mike Searson 519-339-0487 harleysearson@gmail.com
Working Displays Henry Hendriks 519-529-7560 hhendriks@hurontel.on.ca